Glass renovation and scratch removal


RevoCare is a specialist in solving and preventing damage to glass.


RevoCare often visits wellness locations and solves glass problems.

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Have you detected scratches or damage on your glazing and are you unable to make a repair yourself? If so, contact RevoCare Glass Repair; since the year 2012 we have extensive experience with glass repair and we know what the possibilities are. Even deep, noticeable scratches and severe damages can be repaired invisibly. Our goal is to achieve constant quality in glass repair. Glazing replacement is often not possible and many disciplines are required. The alternative: our technicians visit you on site, note the damage and repair the damaged glass. Without disrupting your normal daily activities.

Glass repair requires craftsmanship, knowledge and experience. RevoCare advises their customers if the glazing can be repaired in an economical way. Glass damage repair is skilled work and the final result depends on the expertise and craftsmanship of the technician. We would be delighted to give you further information on RevoCare glass restoration services and products.