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Pictures of projects glass renovation

Glass renovation, scratch removal & acid graffiti removal on glass. Watch our photos of some projects; before – during – and after situation. Click the picture to enlarge.

Glass renovation

Scratch on glass shoppingwindow, Scratch on glass removal, Scratch removed on shoppingwindow.

Glass renovation during a major renovation project of a famous museum

Glass renovation on a high glass tower

Concrete splatter on glass,  Glass renovation, Glass renovation at Capital Gate at Abu Dhabi.

Scratches in the window of a fashion store

Scratches in the glass of a shop window

Big scratch in shopping window shoe-store, Scratch removal shopping window – glass, Glass Renovation, remove scratch in glass, the results.

Etch graffiti (acid marks) onto the glasss

Acid graffiti on glass, Acid graffiti removal on glass – glass renovation.

Acid markings (etch graffiti) on the shop window

Acid graffiti on shopping window – glass, Acid graffiti removal on glass – glass renovation.

Remove scratches from glass shelves

Scratch removal on floor – glass, Glass renovation results scratch removal floor- glass.

Office complex for glass renovation in Apeldoorn

Glass renovation of the windshield of a classic car